I hate girls that act as if they are older.

That’s my point today.

Why do they do that? I mean, I’m talking about a girl that is 1 year younger than me and she acts as a 18 year old vorexic girl. She is literally insane. I don’t mean to be rude, but is like everytime I see her she’s saying something about abs or somthings like that. Though she doesn’t eat meat. She excersies 4 day a week at a gym then 5 times week, does any dancing excersise. At that age, I had some issues with food, though I still have them, but I have them since I was in 5th grade and I didn’t do it on purprs, I just stopped eating for my sake because my mom told me I was fat. Nobody tells her she’s fat. She does it because she doesn’t know what is like when you didn’t wish you had that type of desea.

Now let’s talk about even younger than 14 years. Like 11 years old. Okay so I have seen this girls with blackberries, wearing such miniskirts and wearing clothes that runway models use

Well I really get curious, that’s it.


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