The issues in our country is our fault

You know about all th stuff that’s going on in Mexico abou the insecurity and all that stuff? You know who’s fault is it? It is not all because of the government. It’s the whole way around! Is ours!

This is something personal but I have to spill it out without so many details

A very close person was kidnapped on Sunday. You would say “wow is only been a day!” truth is that it might but yesterday was the longest day I’ve ever hard.

Everything started at 4 a.m. My mom woke me up and told me to grab all my stuff and that we should get out of there NOW. I agreed and do everything as my parents told me. On my way to my grandma’s house they explained that that family member was kidnapped. They were told by a worker of that family member. They were arriving to their office and then some guys got him and hit my family member’s worker got almost killed by all the bruises.

I went to my grandma’s at 5. It was really intense. My heart was beating as if it was a mouse’s. I try to sleep but I couldn’t. The people that kidnapped him wanted tons of money. They knew how many cars and motorcycles we had and they wanted most of them. We have them 2 cars, to motorcycles, and 2,000 dls. They still wanted more (until now they still want more) it’s a price way to high and I’m afraid of posting it.

My mom tried to call the military but guess the fuck what! They were tired because they had a long night. WHAT! WHAT KIND OF EXCUSE IS THAT.

Anyways this taught me something. They didn’t go because we cannot trust them at all. They won’t go anywhere unless is government issue. A few moments ago I was told that my father saw them wandering around the office. Guess what? ANYONE would get an advantage of that situation and take a picture and send it to the police or something. They didn’t just because they didn’t wanted to. So it’s not only the government’s fault. Is ours. What if by just that photos they get the faces and if someone knew them they would know! Anyways if it was up to me I would have them on the jail by now. But I’m young. They don’t listen. I told them any way I could help or any way that would work. They didn’t listen. We are the corrupt government too. If we don’t give a change we would keep on like this. I also told them we should move and they didn’t understand. I know that fleeing is wrong but this is for the best. And maybe I would move. I don’t know.


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