RandomlyRandom LOLing

This day was actually weird. Well, random, the same.

At first, I hit myself on my desk and y nail is broken:(. The my schoolbag hurted my leg making a big scar. My best friend made my finger get bruised.

Then I went to the mall. When I arrived a friend called Orlando had a big huge cow (not a real one). I went to see the Ritowith my boyfriend at the theater. When the movie was over,  my boyfriend went to a flight to Mexico City. Then I was compeltely ALONE at the mall and my mom won’t come till 9!

So I called my boy best friend to ask him what was he doing. When he said that he was at the mall i went with him. Then some friends arrived. When I was with my best friend I saw the three best friends of my boyfriend staring at me and my boy best friend. Rugh. Well, when I realized we were 20 friends at the mall desiding which movie to see. I wasn’t in mood to see another movie so I stayed with Paloma and Fer. Unfortunately they left at 8, leaving me (again) alone. So I asked my boy best friendwhere was he(again) and his friends. He was watching a movie, the same one which I saw with my boyfriend. I didn’t have money, so my boy est friend payed  my ticket.  So I watched half of the Rito movie (again)

Like this day actually(:


Don’t wanna hurt anymore

Sorry for not posting. I’m havin really hard times lately.

Well basically everything started 2 weeks ago. A girl which I thought was my best friend, invented a rumor about me kissing my best male friend just to bother her crush. Huh, funny. I didn’t actually know aout this rumor and guess who told me about it? Yup, my boyfriend did. Supposley, my ex bff crush told him. And of course he was pissed. I was more because of the facts that i was betrayed by my own best friend and the fact that myboyfriend didn’t even trust me.

So this lasted like 4 day but I’ve been really depressed ever since. I really don’t know why. I had a crush on my male friend but I guess I don’t have that crush on him anymore. But anyways, being betrayed is the worst thing you could ever expect of someone you thought you could trust.

Well yes, truth is IHAVE a crush on my boy best friend. But I have to cope with it right? Anyways I have a boyfriend who I really can’t leave without, and that I love way so much!

And besides all of that I’m dealing with all the stress of school. My grades are so damn bad. I study, I really do try my best, but seems like my brain collapses everytime I see an exam!! Though on my PAA i got 1380 points out of 1600:D But seems like my average just wont get higher! And with the points i got on the AAP por whatever is that called i get an scholarship, but i have to get an average really high. Besdies that I have to get a higher average also because i have to enter to the IB program:(

SO MUCH DAMN STRESS! And It really hurts to see my boyfriend hugging another girl-.-what shall i do with my life? any suggestions?

Song of the day: You’re not sorry- Taylor Swift (for obvious reasons)