New Year weird dream part 2

So we saw all thes human people i was so excited! There was life in here besides those Assdins! (wow i rarely remember when i said that)

I came to an old lady, whom i sacred the shit out of her. But she didn’t scream -maybe because she knew that those Assdins couldn’t abotu they still leaving an almost normal life.

I apologize and she said she was glad that we were not those things.  I asked that if there was more people than those in the Home Depot park lot.

She sai yes, that there was hundreds of people, mostly starving, but like her, they were tons. But maybe like 500 (as in our cave). That the rest of them went out of town. I wished that my dad was still here on Switzerland. She told us that people still brought the exports here. But that they just leave it around as if they didn’t care. And that this place was safe because the Assdins were only interested on the other side of the town (the one we passed through a while ago) and she didn’t know why. But that if we wanted to get inside a house we had to know at least 6 times. That everyone left on the town new that.

I thanked her, and we left. And yes everything was so calm here. I could see people still scared but guess they were all used to it by now. I told my friends i owed them tons, and they said, as i expected “we wanted to get the hell out of there and had the adventures we had five years ago, but that these was over the expectations”

I got to my home finally. I knocked wishing that my dad would answer.


he hugged me and i swear i was crying the guts out of me. And i felt how dog was lumping on me and my friends.

My house was all dirty and smelled funny. I went to my room. Wow. It was purple, and dirty. My bed was just as I left it. I t wasn’t made.  and wow, it was really surprising and nostalgious. The pictures of my friends were on the walls, as same as i left them. Fabi told me that it was cute from my pat to have pictures of them on my room. I had pictures from the four of us.

My dog was old now. He was 9 years. he was thin but he looked healthy. Most of my family was on the caves and i’m talking about my mom’s mom and dad.  The rest of my family was on the USA. Wish i was them.

We came back with my dad (and dog) to the caves. My mom went as hapy as i never seen her, And yeah she got mad at me for not telling her i was in search of my dad.

And blah blah blah, Suddenly the Army came and got rid of those Assdins and we left happily ever after.

PDI was told by the one who was theleader in the caves that i had to get pregnant and fortunatly i woke up x)



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