Hi again!I’m finally back! feels like is been forever since i used this laptop or even this page. Well, hope you had a wonderfull Christmas and a very happy new year.

Well I’ve been kinda biplar lately, on the morning i was so happy i was comming back but now, i feellike bullshit. Why? I have no idea.

Like right now i’m talking to my best frien boy, and i’m talking to him as he was just bothering, but he isn’t. Though I’m trying to be nice. I’m just not in mood. And no, is not PMS.

Today (after arriving), i logged at facebook and out of the blue i wanted to stalck this girl with the same name as me. Won’t say her last name. Well she’s the nicest person I’ev ever seen. Well, i really don’t know hw she acts like but she looks very nice and pretty. Well, I started to look at some pictures of hers and found one that said a web page: everglowdiary.blogspot.com She’s the one thatmade that web site. And she encouraged me to this website too(: And We have a couple of things in common:We both like green, and we both like photography and modeling. I actually wanted to learn to play guitar with my best friend boy: pablo, butbecause of been only daughter, my parents are so over protecting that won’t let me go out with him, anywere.

Anyways, i wat to be as friendly and cool, and nice andsweet as she is. It will be my goal. She has a boyfriend, who’s friend of my boyfriend, and i actually now this michelle because she was at my school.Speaking of my boyfriend,

Speaking of my boyfriend… maybe the reason i’m pissed off is, he hasn’t talk to me since five days ago. yes he tried to text me while we were out of town, but i couldn’t answer and i left him a “messange” on his wall that i couldn’t answer back his text messages. He only liekd it. But he really pay attention to what it said? And I tried to talk to him on msn but he just logged off… Well if he doesn’t care, I careless.

Well, change of subject. Yesterday, before sleeping, i finished “Chosen” book! It was sooo cool! I like that saga. is so cool, paranormal and sexy at the same time. I’m starting the “Untamed” book (the next of the saga) today. i have like 15 pages read by now. And it IS TOTALY interesting.

Well, I’m starting to feel a little wacky, really don’t know why. And besides, i don’t know why I feel like i grew older this days, and that I’m seaking like an adult, or mature teen. Need some time with my friends. Oh yeah, i really don’t know who are my friends anymore but Pablo. Most of them don¿t talk to me anymore. Maybe is just vacations. and beside i have a friend of mine suffering for her break up. I tried to help but she didn’t want to talk so, my job isn’t complete done but i now she doesn’t trust me that much to tell me.

I want to be more random.

Don’t you hate those kind of girl that just say you aren’t funny when you weren’t actually trying to be funny? Yeah i know one of those, and yeah she’s my friend but I don’t like when she’slike that :/.

Well g2g



song of the day: Breath- Taylor Swift

(yeah i don’t actually like Taylor Swift, but is the song that is stuck in my head today. And yeah, I don’t like Justin Bieber, Jonas Brothers nor Cody Simpson, get over with it.)

Video of the day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSTcBIcmB3s&feature=grec_index

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