Another Trip…

Hi again! Well just a last post before I go to my hometown.

I’m really excited for the part that i’m going to see my of cousins! hadn’t seen them for a big while. The bad part is that this trip is looong and is kinda boring. But I have all my ”equipment settle”. I have my cellhone, book and my DS. (yes I’m a dork and I still ue my DS.

My grandparents are coming to, and those two are so hilarious. They are going to buy some toys for my cousin. He asked for many things to santa but my grandparents just take two of those 10 things. Jaja.

I really don’t feel like Christmas eve. I don’t feel the magic on it. Guess that for the fact of not believing in Santa changes tons of things. I really loved Christmas, now I think is just another holiday I don’t care of.

Yesterday, I started to “stalk” a “friend” that went to New York a week ago for her fifteen birthday.  I have to admit that her profile picture is soo cool! She’s in Time Square and all the lights surrounding her and also people… When I looked at the picture I came to wonder, why is all those people so sad? I mean, not literally sad, but not happy at all. Is Christmas somehow you have to be happy! Or are those people like me and don’t really care that is almost Christmas?

And right now I’m watching the news, and I’m surprise how many people help by giving toy and food to poor people. Now I feel guilty of not giving any food to the food drive at my school.

Luckily, on Harlingen, the weather is warm and windy. But I prefer cold windy weather, but not that cold either.

BTW: On my school Jr. High School is from sixth grade until ninth grade. i’m in ninth grade. And i already know what high school i’m going to be in. But i’m going to be on the IB program! i hadn’t even started the second semester of ninth grade and i alredy have IB homeowrk. WTF

Wonder were my parents are… I wanna leave now!

Happy Holidays!



Song of the day: Secrets- One Republic

Video of the day: Burping Girl:

“If you’re gonna be two-faced at least make one of them pretty.”
Marilyn Monroe


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