New Year weird dream part 2

So we saw all thes human people i was so excited! There was life in here besides those Assdins! (wow i rarely remember when i said that)

I came to an old lady, whom i sacred the shit out of her. But she didn’t scream -maybe because she knew that those Assdins couldn’t abotu they still leaving an almost normal life.

I apologize and she said she was glad that we were not those things.  I asked that if there was more people than those in the Home Depot park lot.

She sai yes, that there was hundreds of people, mostly starving, but like her, they were tons. But maybe like 500 (as in our cave). That the rest of them went out of town. I wished that my dad was still here on Switzerland. She told us that people still brought the exports here. But that they just leave it around as if they didn’t care. And that this place was safe because the Assdins were only interested on the other side of the town (the one we passed through a while ago) and she didn’t know why. But that if we wanted to get inside a house we had to know at least 6 times. That everyone left on the town new that.

I thanked her, and we left. And yes everything was so calm here. I could see people still scared but guess they were all used to it by now. I told my friends i owed them tons, and they said, as i expected “we wanted to get the hell out of there and had the adventures we had five years ago, but that these was over the expectations”

I got to my home finally. I knocked wishing that my dad would answer.


he hugged me and i swear i was crying the guts out of me. And i felt how dog was lumping on me and my friends.

My house was all dirty and smelled funny. I went to my room. Wow. It was purple, and dirty. My bed was just as I left it. I t wasn’t made.  and wow, it was really surprising and nostalgious. The pictures of my friends were on the walls, as same as i left them. Fabi told me that it was cute from my pat to have pictures of them on my room. I had pictures from the four of us.

My dog was old now. He was 9 years. he was thin but he looked healthy. Most of my family was on the caves and i’m talking about my mom’s mom and dad.  The rest of my family was on the USA. Wish i was them.

We came back with my dad (and dog) to the caves. My mom went as hapy as i never seen her, And yeah she got mad at me for not telling her i was in search of my dad.

And blah blah blah, Suddenly the Army came and got rid of those Assdins and we left happily ever after.

PDI was told by the one who was theleader in the caves that i had to get pregnant and fortunatly i woke up x)



New Year weird dream

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hope you had a wonderful year, and this next year even more wonderful.

Well lets go to the point. I had this weir dream. Basiclly the strangest of all. I was on Switzerland (i already been there YAY :D) And I llived there “suposely”. And Then suddenly, it was New Yaear, exactly 12.00 am. And tons of weird space crafts started to come down. And from them, weird-ass dinosaurs!(yeah, lame) I was all freaked out! The I was told by my mom that we hd to leave to a safer palce. And I told her “Mom, we can’t just leave dad here, is dangerous.”

“Michelle, He can take care of himself more than can we do. And he can take care of your dog too.”

And i was like okay. So i started to use my Stryder skills (Melanie Stryder from The Host book) And I took my ATV and took my mom to a place on the mountains. We had bearly food, and we leave on that little cave for four months. I took care of most of the stuff. I brought food from the houses near the mountain (that now they were empty or this weird kind dinosaurs leaved there, le’s call them Assdins -ass + dinsaurs- yeah i’m a fool) And she took care of finding a better place while i was out.

So when i went out to find foo iwas actually all covered with leafs and dirt to act as a little bush. When i entered i do left some dirt on the floor but really, who cared? Most of the people was dead -and sadly, maybe my dad and my dog too- maybe we were the only people left. And we had to survive. I took tons of food to my cave and my mom would say i’m proud of you -something that she hadnt said to me in real life-

Once when i came back (on the fourth month) my om told me that she foound a very tall black fence and it seem to cover a very HUGE amount of land, and that we should go and see.

So we did. We went with all our groceries on a big huge bag i found and then when we tried to open the gate, we could see that on the dirt, there was a small window that turned red, and i cold see some eyes seeing through it, then the light went off, and from i don’t-know-where a guy -cute one- opened the gate for us. He told us that there was a humongus  cave underneath that had enough food for almost all the town, but that apparently, few people came. I wonder if my dad was there.

There was a smal entras on a you could say pile of dirt and so we entered. It was liek a huongus luxurous hotel. All wall were covered with black paper, nd there where play groudns were kids were playing. It was kind of full that place. The guy told us that it was his security turn, that everyone will have one. And that almost the whole city knew about it, but mostly didn’t came because they thought it was safer to stay and home.

I explained him my situation with my mom. And I was glad too see that the 50 tall by 50 whith wall was literally full of food. This guy, Steve (grose name) told us that that food was gathered by all the people here. They were mostly 500 people in there. Switzerland is kind of small.

He told us not to eat unless is your asigned hour. That we all eat 5 times a day for no one to be hungry and go and grab somehting. Aparently everything was so organized here.

I was new to this town, so neither my mom or I knew about this place, because we didn’t attend to a “meeting” with some counselor. Our But the good thing was that i found some of my friend here, and some younger kids from my school. My friends were all wild and knew that this was the best adventure of their whole lives.

When food was running low -it took like almost a year to run low- many people (two by two) went to the near huses to gather food. My house wasn’t that far, but you need to cross some streets that might be full.

And so… five years passed. And I missed my dad badly much. I couldn’t stand it. I needed my dad’s hug. And i missed my dog too! I was older now, i was 20 so i told my friends that i wanted to see my dad so much, but they answer with a “of course we can go with you!” We were only three: Pablo, Fabi, and Alexa. four with me.

Because of the entrance waws being guarded, we had to look for other (yeah we searched for it 3 years ago) and so we went out. It was like heaven to smell that freshair. I only went out 2 times on the past 5 years, and my friends had gone out 2 too.

I didn’t remember that much of how to get there, but i did my best. We had to pass by a Home Depot. We were all crowling with our bush costumes. When we were down, we saw nothing but dead birds, snakes, bunnies, and all that kind of animals that had their habitat there.

When we crwaled on the streets we saw how many of those dinsoaurs left their life as if they were humans. But a little more kind of violent. I hated this. Most of them slept on streets what seemed weird because most of the hosues were alone weren’t they? We past throught that lace and that was when i realized that my home was kind of far. And when we passed that part, this part of the town was lonely quiet. We passed by the Home Depot and we realized that there were humans there! But it was a secret now our safe place on the mountains.



Hi again!I’m finally back! feels like is been forever since i used this laptop or even this page. Well, hope you had a wonderfull Christmas and a very happy new year.

Well I’ve been kinda biplar lately, on the morning i was so happy i was comming back but now, i feellike bullshit. Why? I have no idea.

Like right now i’m talking to my best frien boy, and i’m talking to him as he was just bothering, but he isn’t. Though I’m trying to be nice. I’m just not in mood. And no, is not PMS.

Today (after arriving), i logged at facebook and out of the blue i wanted to stalck this girl with the same name as me. Won’t say her last name. Well she’s the nicest person I’ev ever seen. Well, i really don’t know hw she acts like but she looks very nice and pretty. Well, I started to look at some pictures of hers and found one that said a web page: She’s the one thatmade that web site. And she encouraged me to this website too(: And We have a couple of things in common:We both like green, and we both like photography and modeling. I actually wanted to learn to play guitar with my best friend boy: pablo, butbecause of been only daughter, my parents are so over protecting that won’t let me go out with him, anywere.

Anyways, i wat to be as friendly and cool, and nice andsweet as she is. It will be my goal. She has a boyfriend, who’s friend of my boyfriend, and i actually now this michelle because she was at my school.Speaking of my boyfriend,

Speaking of my boyfriend… maybe the reason i’m pissed off is, he hasn’t talk to me since five days ago. yes he tried to text me while we were out of town, but i couldn’t answer and i left him a “messange” on his wall that i couldn’t answer back his text messages. He only liekd it. But he really pay attention to what it said? And I tried to talk to him on msn but he just logged off… Well if he doesn’t care, I careless.

Well, change of subject. Yesterday, before sleeping, i finished “Chosen” book! It was sooo cool! I like that saga. is so cool, paranormal and sexy at the same time. I’m starting the “Untamed” book (the next of the saga) today. i have like 15 pages read by now. And it IS TOTALY interesting.

Well, I’m starting to feel a little wacky, really don’t know why. And besides, i don’t know why I feel like i grew older this days, and that I’m seaking like an adult, or mature teen. Need some time with my friends. Oh yeah, i really don’t know who are my friends anymore but Pablo. Most of them don¿t talk to me anymore. Maybe is just vacations. and beside i have a friend of mine suffering for her break up. I tried to help but she didn’t want to talk so, my job isn’t complete done but i now she doesn’t trust me that much to tell me.

I want to be more random.

Don’t you hate those kind of girl that just say you aren’t funny when you weren’t actually trying to be funny? Yeah i know one of those, and yeah she’s my friend but I don’t like when she’slike that :/.

Well g2g



song of the day: Breath- Taylor Swift

(yeah i don’t actually like Taylor Swift, but is the song that is stuck in my head today. And yeah, I don’t like Justin Bieber, Jonas Brothers nor Cody Simpson, get over with it.)

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Another Trip…

Hi again! Well just a last post before I go to my hometown.

I’m really excited for the part that i’m going to see my of cousins! hadn’t seen them for a big while. The bad part is that this trip is looong and is kinda boring. But I have all my ”equipment settle”. I have my cellhone, book and my DS. (yes I’m a dork and I still ue my DS.

My grandparents are coming to, and those two are so hilarious. They are going to buy some toys for my cousin. He asked for many things to santa but my grandparents just take two of those 10 things. Jaja.

I really don’t feel like Christmas eve. I don’t feel the magic on it. Guess that for the fact of not believing in Santa changes tons of things. I really loved Christmas, now I think is just another holiday I don’t care of.

Yesterday, I started to “stalk” a “friend” that went to New York a week ago for her fifteen birthday.  I have to admit that her profile picture is soo cool! She’s in Time Square and all the lights surrounding her and also people… When I looked at the picture I came to wonder, why is all those people so sad? I mean, not literally sad, but not happy at all. Is Christmas somehow you have to be happy! Or are those people like me and don’t really care that is almost Christmas?

And right now I’m watching the news, and I’m surprise how many people help by giving toy and food to poor people. Now I feel guilty of not giving any food to the food drive at my school.

Luckily, on Harlingen, the weather is warm and windy. But I prefer cold windy weather, but not that cold either.

BTW: On my school Jr. High School is from sixth grade until ninth grade. i’m in ninth grade. And i already know what high school i’m going to be in. But i’m going to be on the IB program! i hadn’t even started the second semester of ninth grade and i alredy have IB homeowrk. WTF

Wonder were my parents are… I wanna leave now!

Happy Holidays!



Song of the day: Secrets- One Republic

Video of the day: Burping Girl:

“If you’re gonna be two-faced at least make one of them pretty.”
Marilyn Monroe

Someone please bright my day

Hi there! Let me start with a little of info about me. My name is Michelle, I’m from Harlingen TX. I’m 15 years old. I would like to say I have a wonderful life, but when bad times come to me, bad turns into almost devilish word. Everything can go wrong, as on good days everything goes right forever. I’m not single in this moment, and I can say I absolutely love my boyfriend.

Unfortunatly,I have those kind of parents that are so over protective, and won’t let me grow up. I have no brothers, so that’s the reason why they are so over protective. Sometimes I’m even capable of telling them I hate them.

I have this weird-shih-Tzu-gay dog.

My favorite artist is Katy Perry, I’m a total fan.

Today was one of the worst days –yep, this last two week had been the worst of the whole year, and I can say-. I woke up to find myself all nervous because yesterday I lost my mouth thingy, but anyways, I started to clean my room in search for it, and I discovered many things I forgot I had. I was a cool search. But when I was almost finish my mom shouted my name; she found my mouth thingy all bitten by my dog. Damn, so lucky me right? And the worst part is that is the second time my dog does that and I had to pay 120 dollars for it. Now I have to pay those 120 again. With my money. Where am I going to get money?! Anyways, one good thing of today was that my uncle is at the hospital and now he’s healing fast! And my boyfriend’s out of town, he went to Mexico DF, and I’m going to Harlingen tomorrow. We’re going to be separated for almost a week. No, mostly like a month because my mom won’t let me go out, and barely let me use my laptop. How am I going to talk to him? Well fortunately I have him free on my phone –lame, I know-.

Yesterday, before going to sleep I decided that I would continue reading the book “Betrayed” from the House of Night saga. And I did finish it, and I started reading Chosen, the next book from the saga. The cast in my head is:

Zoey Redbird: Me –yeah, lame.-

Stevie Rae: Taylor Swift (though I don’t like her that much she’s the perfect Stevie Rae.)

Damien: Chris Colfer (guess that the gay thingy got me to him)

Shaunee: Alexa (friend of mine, though she’s not that brown-skined)

Aphrodite: Dianna Argon (Quinn from Glee)

BTW: I would like to admit that I’m kinda mess up, and I really don’t care what my mom says, I m beautiful, and EVERYONE IS TOO! No matter the money, weight, way of dressing etc.

All for today!

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“I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”

-Marilyn Monroe

Song of the day: Teenage Dream- Katy Perry

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